I had a 346 sq ft kite on my P-19 a few years ago, having previously run a used f18 spin. The big 'un was nice for running deep downwind (like I had a choice!) but boat speeds were higher with the lil one. Anyway, I had (still have, actually) a stayed 15' 4" windsurf mast as pole. I was going to shorten if I ever felt I needed to - but since I still have both kite and pole, life is good (barring the lack of cat - but that's another story). I got the mast from Worldwinds down at Bird Island Basin in Corpus for 75 or $100, if I remember correctly. The F-18 kite flew on a two-piece 12' pole that came in a kit from Sailing Pro Shop when Mark Michaelsen had it - but maybe it was a Murray's bit? I don't remember, but the pole was exceedingly stiff and required no stays. Good luck!

Andrew Tatton Nacra 20 "Wiggle Stick" #266 Nacra 18 Square #12