I already posted this on the Open Forum, but I didn't get any reply so far. Now I repeat it on this Forum hoping for a better luck.

I just read on Ashby Sails' website that the new Ashby A-cat is finally on sale (it seems that the refining work on the prototype's completed).

The new boat named ASG3 differs from the prototype for the foils (new rudderblades and curved boards) but I wonder if the other anticipated changes

- Rig and front beam back 300mm
- Rear beam back 100mm
- Foot shorter by 200mm
- Head bigger by 200mm
- Forestays back 250mm
- Sidestays back 300mm
- Centreboards back 150mm
- Transom bigger at waterline by 25mm
- Transom higher by 12mm
- Deck at bow narrower by 30mm
- Freeboard in bow lowered by 80mm

are confirmed or not.

Is there anyone who knows?