Hi all, We are Wharrams professional US builders. We typically will build our out board well int he center of the **** as it allows for an installation with the motor at the correct elevation for minimal cavitation and still keep the motor head as far away from the spray as possible. On the first Tiki 30 we built the motor was mounted too low. It never cavitated but there was a lot of drive leg in the water and the motor head was constantly being douched. We recently replaced the motor with a slightly larger model with power tilt (way cool) and built a new motor mount and covering box. Noe it seems to be just prefect. The prop starts to cavitate but never quite does and the motor head is clear of the vast majority of splashes.
We build our **** of Joubert okoume and/or Divinycell foam. We sheath both with fiberglass. If the beam attachments are properly built there is no problem attaching tramps.
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Th above right photo is of our old motor box. Ther is storage uder the cushions for fuel,batteries, fenders,linesand rigging. The front locker has a provision for long stuff, boat hook, mop,fishing poles and spears.There is also a built in cooler under one cushion.
The left photo is of a slightly different **** built for a resort that uses it for day charters