Picked up the boat yesterday! It appears to be in great shape, took it out for about a 30 minute test sail, it's about all the previous owner and I had time for that day. He said he would be willing to come out with me whenever so I'll have to take him up on that. He claims that he only used it 25-30 times, 5 times a year tops so everything looks pretty good. How do I determine if the cables should be replaced, or should I do it anyways. Do the wear mostly from use/stretching, or just from being weathered? He stored it outside covered with a tarp. Other then that I have to figure out how to get the trampoline patched and I should be good to go. It seemed pretty simple to operate yesterday until we put the kite out which he actually rigged wrong, the whole thing ended up tangled up, I'm sure there will be many good times to come on the boat. Is there some sort of online store where I can buy things like battens, the cables, life jackets etc? Thanks for all the help guys.