One of my kid's H14 rudder pins broke (the nylon/fiberglass type) and I need to replace them both, when I go shopping I see there are 3 types; staniless, alum. and nylon/glass.

Which should I get, and why. The nylon ones have been on there for a very long time, should I just go with that? Or is there any advantage in the stainless? (they cost twice as much)

Also, the tramp on it has the two holes/gromets for a jib block system (I think that's what they are for) but no wire under the tramp to hook them to, but it does have the tabs under the sidestay attachments. It's also got a dolphin striker and cross wire under the fwd. beam, so I think it had a jib at one time...?

I've been thinking of adding a jib to give it a little more power in the medium wind. Is adding a jib worth the money/effort, or just a pain in the butt when it comes time to tack, and do I also have to buy a new forestay (longer) or does that come with the jib kit?

Any other ideas to make this thing go in medium wind? It's a lot of fun when it's blowing 15-20+, but less than 15 I don't even bother with it. anyone making a square top mylar main for them yet? I was also thinking of taking my old ragged out F16 square top and cutting off the bottom 8 feet, and running it on the H14. Has anyone tried that yet with a similar sail?

Blade F16