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I would encourage you to read the documentation provided by SCHRS for the 2012 revision. You seem to be about two years out of date....

In fact the problems with the real world use of the measurement rule led the french to actively participate in the modifications to the table published in 2012.

For your info, the SCHRS never test the formula on real world.
It was only calculation based on measurable dimension of boat.
A necessary bad, but not so bad system, with two major difficulties:

This is not true.... both SCHRS and Texel check their formula against real world results... The rating is only derived from measurable dimensions and the formula is adjusted. The formula is crystal clear because it is public and uniformly applied. The effect of weight, windspeed, boat weight and fleet strength are legit issues and the committee makes tradeoffs to match the formula's accuracy to the real world as best as possible. We have no tablets from God as to the divine formula. Your major issue is the Sport of the game. Handicap racing will not be as accurate... the precision of the handicap game is not the same. The 2012 SCHRS table is IMO fair. Where you use handicap racing depends on many factors.

RE SCHRS and F18s and Sport
In the USA, we have few regions that get a critical mass of F18's on the starting line for that regions major regattas. We are not as fortunate as you euro's... Pitchpole and myself argued that racing on handicap at both local and regional events will get a larger fleet of boats racing and this is preferable to 2 or three boat one design starts. In the end... we need every boat on the line we can so that we cover the costs of regattas. Pitchpole and myself believe that two or three boat One design classes (which we will run) don't maintain interest or grow the sport in our regions.


My text is in two part,

The first part is considering SCHRS before there I'm sure that rating were based 100% on a formula, it as existed a SCHRS calculator on the website, don't you remember ? And the main issue was the weight crew (75 kg per crew) for calculation purpose only.
Nobody's never been cheking weight crew in a regatta using SCHR rating ?
The only reason was the compliance in some class rules (F18, HC16 ...),

The second part considering the implementation of performance, I confirm that this system has been proposed then postponed by the french MNA and now SCHRS is the front line.

Rating is necessary with little fleet, as our greek friend said: it's a necessary bad...
Have fun and courage for your work that is necessary.