In a way I'm surprised Nacra haven't done this before, there are obvious benefits of hull lift for a smaller well powered up boat + some stability gains as well.

The one downside is that they will definately now ( or should ) be pinged in the handicap stakes for lifting boards unlike the present angled boards which seem to be classified as non lifting. I looked at modifying my boat with some first generation A Class curved boards I have but under SCHRS the penalty hit for curved boards was the equivalent of about 15 kilos of weight. I couldn't quite work out whether the older generation of board would give me in excess of 15 kgs of lift so the boards are still in my loft. Perhaps this winter Bitsa may get yet another bit of TLC.

Looking at the 2014 boat changes with smaller diameter mast,rudder stock changes, rudder with a new profile as well as a host of other things, my betting is that the boat must be getting quite close to class weight smile