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Yea, this one is actually the Spark 15. Just figured I would eliminate speculation and confusion.
Arizona doesn't require registration on this boat, so no worries.? All you get here is a bill of sale.
The guy that parted the boat out should have told them that he built the boat himself out of scrap leftover parts.
I'm aware of the existence of the DX square top MOD, but I'm wondering about how the boat and the 2 piece mast with no spreaders handles it. If it handles it well, I may throw a monster high aspect sq top in it. My understanding is that the Darts are built for much higher winds than we generally have here in AZ. I want this old girl powered up! But don't want to break things .
Also would like to know how to read the Ser #. Or if it can tell me anything about the boats year of manufacture. And no, I won't list that # here!

The DX main works with the two piece mast ........as I said, email the class associations for more info on your boat.......usually 50 plus boats at the UK nationals and original designer (Ian Fraser) now in control of production if I am not mistaken......the association will without doubt be able to identify the age of your boat and help with any questions.....