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1" OD steel tube, I tried the dry ice last night with little success. I have maybe 18"s of tube removed in 2 nights of fighting with it. Maybe in a month or 2 it will finally come off!
I have it in a vice on a pretty solid table, but still have to have my wife hold the table while my 2 boys and I twist and pull, Im sure the neighbors are amused.
I read the candle wax trick and a Mylar wrap technique on a model rocketry site, seems this has been a common problem. I used the CF sleeve that acts like a Chinese handcuff and may have stretched it too tight.
Not willing to give up on it yet....its way too pretty, and BTW it is the beginning of a paddle shaft for my SUP

The epoxy will keep shrinking, until full-cure is achieved, so
your part will continue to get smaller with time.

Easy solution for this one ; cut it full-length, on one side
and slide it off. Then add one more layer of carbon biaxial
sleeve , to cover up the cut. Perhaps super-glue the cut first, to keep the sides perfectly aligned.