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Hey thanks Jeff and Mac just what I was looking for. I added a spinnaker to the G-Cat so down wind I can pop the shoot and I set it all up to single handle with a self tacking jib my goal down wind is to fly all 3. On the G-Cat there is a front beam so I can actually bring the jib all the way down to the front beam as in the original design. Currently I have a Jib that is on the bridal stay that is on a roller furler so I will actually gained a little bit of jib by switching to a self tacker. Adding a few degrees up wind will help a lot when I try to sail from our usual beach spot back to and through the Palm Beach inlet. Plus I like the idea of cleaning up the tramp by getting rid of the cross wire, blocks and sheeting lines of the jib. Worth a shoot I think as most of my sailing is beach cruising.

Are you keeping the furler? I sure liked mine when I had one.

Jake Kohl