Ya know, this is why a curve ball- well 'curves' when thrown with spin on it.
It's also much the same as how a wing, or sail (a wing) produce lift, and causes the boat to move, etc.
Costeau had one of those rotors on their boat Calipso (sp?) years ago.
High velocity produces a lower pressure.
The air 'bending' around the sail, in this case a ball, causes one side to have a lower pressure than the other, and hence, the boat moves, and in your video, the ball moves from high to low pressure.
If can move your boat, it can certainly 'lift' the ball some.
Hey come to think of it- airplanes actually 'fly'
Add to it the fact that in this case the ball, was being accelerated by the force of gravity, without looking that up I seem to remember 9.82meters per second-squared- a big # in just a few seconds.
Nice, didn't amaze me however.
In fact, IMHO- it's really just an application of lift- Bernoullis' Principle. But that's just me..

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