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I went through this myself recently - but they still make the Foretrex. They just hid it really well on their website. I thought they quit making it too but I just bought one last December.


What they don't make anymore is the version that had a sealed internal battery. Everything takes AAAs. I put dielectric grease on the battery contacts and a flexible non-permanant gasket goo on the battery door. It makes for a mess to maintain but it kept water out through a steeplechase and a rather windy Florida 300.

The wireless data transfer on the 401 is nice too...I can send routes from my handheld to the 401 without any cables.

My 401 did really well on the 300 also and the battery case appeared to stay really dry without the goo. Now watch it leak this weekend :-)

I still wouldn't trust it without the goo. I've already burned through something like 6 of those suckers. Either through salt water in the battery compartment, just stopped working, or adding it to Poseidon's collection.

Jake Kohl