I have been at a couple of regattas with the PSA capricorns, the first was a nationals in Victoria, the first two days the sea state was was really large swell (6-8ft) with with around 25 knots of breeze. at the time I had the AHPC capricorn and found the going very hard downhill. the guys on the PSA boats were doing it a lot easier, the rear beam clearance was very good and extra buoyancy everywhere was clearly making a huge improvement to the boat in heavy weather. I believe it was Taylor booth that sailed one into 4th that year just in front of a AHPC Capricorn and behind a C2.

At both regattas the boats were having rudder issues, broken rudders and loose fittings, that stuff can happen to anyone.

Overall the boats are quite well sorted, most of the systems are what you would find on a nacra or hobie. Not a huge fan of the suspension tramp, each to his own. All the PSA boats (and most of the fleet) were over min weight at the weigh in. considering the very high min weight of the F18 class you would think it would be easy to make a boat below min weight, but that is another story.

The Australian dollar has gone to the crapper, so its a great time to buy an Aussie boat!

C2 AUS 222 by Goodall design
"Darph Bobo"