Larry Ferber and crew is more than halfway through the race with about a day lead over the second trimaran kayak type boat with sails. He started in St. Pete on his Nacra 20, rounded Key Largo and entered the St. Mary's river just North of Fernandina Beach. He did a 32 hour stint from Cape Canaveral to Fernandina Beach to expand his lead by one day.

He is now facing the kayak part of the challenge including a 40-mile portage connecting the St. Marys River to the Suwannee River. The Last stage of the race is back in the Gulf and will be back on the Nacra 20 to the finish back in St. Pete.

He is currently on his ideal Schedule:
Idealized schedule:
0) Friday March 4 - Setup fort Desoto Park St. Pete. Ideally need partner there, but they could come in late if need to work that day.
1) Saturday March 5 - Tuesday March 8 - Stage 1. Fort Desoto park to Key Largo, around the Southwest Coast of Florida and the Everglades/10,000 Islands, then Florida Bay to Key Largo. Remote section.
2) Wednesday March 9 - Friday March 11 - Stage 2. Key Largo to Sebastian Inlet. Basically Southeast coast of Florida, very populated, incredibly beautiful sailing. The best.
3) Saturday March 12 - Monday March 14 - Stage 3. Sebastian Inlet to Fort Clinch (northern tip of Florida East Coast). North East Coast of Florida, still amazing sailing, a little less populous then Southern half, but still very first world.
4) Tuesday March 15 - Saturday March 26 - Stage 4. Fort Clinch to Cedar Key. this is a very backwoods section of the North border of Florida. 90 miles up river, 40 miles hike with kayak on wheels, 220 miles down Suwanee River, 20 miles down Gulf to Cedar key. My plan is to kayak it. If anyone wants to join we either need a second kayak, or a two man kayak or canoe.
5) Sunday March 27 - Tuesday March 29 - Stage 5. Cedar Key to Fort Desoto. Should be nice sailing on a remote section of the gulf, then coming into the populace Clearwater/St. Pete zone.

You can follow his race with the link below. He is listed as LRock. The Second boat is SOS who is sailing solo. Not all of the challengers show up on the main tracking page such as SOS but you can see their individual tracks. Once on the tracking page, Choose Challenger = LRock; Display Detail = Show Tracks, OK, Help and Current Way Points Only
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Their system really makes you appreciate Katack! The results page defaults to the Everglades Challenge results so you need to choose Select Challenge = Ultimate Florida 2016
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