Some of the lines I have heard.

Him: Do you carry pumice for polishing?

Me: No Sir.

Him: Obama's banned that too.

Me: No Sir, Ace has made a business decision not to carry that product. I took him over to the Lava hand soap which uses pumice as an abrasive and the pumice stick for cleaning your grill.


Him: Don't you have regular lightbulbs?

Me: No Sir, just CFL's and LED's.

Him: Obama banned those, didn't he.

Me: No Sir, that was Bush.


My brother in law used to work for C1 Bank which has been acquired by Bank of the Ozarks.

Me: That's the first BotO card I've seen. That acquisition has been good for the economy. New signs and paint for the buildings in their logo and colors.

Him: Well that's better than the Bank of Clinton.

This one's not political but expresses the mind set.

Bo's son comes in on his wheelchair. One of them says, "Iraq, Afganistan".

The boss reply's, "No, Texas, drunk fell out of the back of a pickup truck".

A look of disappointment fell over his face.