Good afternoon everyone.

i'm not new to boating. We have several power boats/pwc's. And i grew up sailing a sunfish and even racing a little on the lake (as a kid). But this is my first cat.

i picked it up on the trailer for $250 bucks. As far as i can tell it's 100% complete. I printed out the manual and took it with me and i couldn't find anything missing. The main sail is in a sail bag but the jib was wrapped around the forestay (i think that's the right terminology). The only thing missing is a couple of hull plugs.

it lived it's life inside until may when this couple bought it. and it sat outside since.

[Linked Image]

so it's skuzzy looking but it all wipes right off. I'm headed over there after work to pick it up. I am going to drag the entire trailer and everything onto one of our equipment trailers from work. I'll deal with the beat old rusty trailer later. I may turn it into a cart to get it from the garage to the water for when it's not stored at the lake front.

Anyway, i just wanted to introduce myself. I'm pretty excited to get this thing rigged and out on the water. hopefully by sunday i'll have it sailing!

Ryan dunbar