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Thanks guys for your remarks so far.

Yes, Jay, my cat is 4.5 m and in this way behaves wild on waves, but your remark about lack of wave height justice in the camera is interesting.
I'm already for years frustated that somehow I cannot show on my vid how big these waves are. I know, because I windsurf too and can compare them with my mastlenght, that they reach over 3 meter.

On my way out to the deep sea in the vid, these Heights, climbing with my cat over the lip, are less imposing than in reality.
Only in the second part of the vid when I'm riding on the back of the waves, you can estimate something looking when they break.

Oh absolutely...it's well known in distance racing circles here that cameras really fail to capture the wave heights. They always look to be about 2/3's of what they were in real life.

Jake Kohl