I deleted the previous vid in my thread about Oletscreens. As explained there, I wasn't satisfied with what I wanted to show.
So here's another go.
I turned the camara mounting on my rear beam more in my direction. Which is "contre-coeur" for me. Result is so so, but at least I could show the viewers more the story behind all.
So, you see the fysical trouble I have to drag my cat on the quicksand of the shoreline. My tow would sink away, so its all muscle power ( my cat is 150 kg)
After that I have to pass the break on my knees sitting on the windward hull. Rudders are still hanging horizontal. So a lot of pressure on the stick, hence open main and so slow sailing.
In this phase the waves are so treacherous in willing to flip the cat that I cannot and have no safe opportunity to let the rudders down and start hanging out.
In fact should the windward hull be lifted too much, I can throw my weight backwards, hanging on the side stay on my knees aside of the hull. This works even in the situation that the mast touches the water!
First after passing the break in more quite water, I can pull the rudders down and start to hang out.

So its not pure sailing with the wind but more sailing and steering in the waves. You will see that I never let the sea out of my sight.


P.S. Shot a vid today of the first big storm in holland 2017. Ofcourse a babystorm compared to U.S. tornados!


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