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What is it? I can't tell what's holding up the mast?

It's unstayed and pivots on a rod that drops down from the top of that pod to somewhere in the hull. There's a swinging daggerboard also under that pod.

as far as I know, it's got 1980's all in the color scheme and has a "Wingsailor" decal on the hull. The leading edge flap (fiberglass) has a decal "Latham Wing, Fiberglass unlimited, Durham, NC" on it.

One of our club members was doing some work on someone's house where this was buried in cobwebs and the guy gave it to him when he inquired about it. He was about to take it out on a really light air day but I couldn't hang around to watch. At first blush, it seems pretty underpowered and understructured for taking it out in any kind of real wind....but it's really interesting - particularly the sail that wraps the tube to form a better airfoil shape (it has a rod running up through the leech to the cap) and the leading edge adjustable foil.

Jake Kohl