I know I have a different perspective; I think it is way too small. I started on a Nacra 5.8 at 16 years old racing against adults, but I was 195#. I understand the push for youth to have their own racing program. I look at these as if my kids would sail/race one. I guess the issue I see is the skill needed to sail foilers. The US seems to have a youth program idea to stick kids on Optis, then Laser, then 420s.. and then what? By the time these kids are racing the 420s, they are already too far behind the curve to gain the skill needed to race a foiler successfully. I could be wrong... I know there are a few that are natural enough to race a foiler, but "we" are expected to buy a $30k-ish foiling toy for a couple of kids of limited experience to race. I did see where some father/son teams racing these. I guess if the adult is maybe 150#, but that weight is unrealistic to me. To me, the 310# boat weight seems a bit high for a 15 foot boat. If a Hobie 16 weighs 320#, they have not come very far in weight reduction over the years.

I apologize for the long rant... but there are other boats that are better suited to get kids on the water.

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