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ex-USSR inflatables

Just to get idea how looks like real diversity of inflatables. I have sailed some, but cannot compare them with Tornado or Nacra Inter 18. Rigid boats are much more fun (IMHO) for sail but PIA to travel, if you have not trailer. And I had not.
The main reason of inflatables in ex-USSR is ease of transportation by car, train or airplane. For example, we travelled with such boat from Russia to Ukraine by train in 2012 without any problems.
As concerns to Minicat, it looks too primitive by accepted standards. smile

I somewhat agree with you ... but ... I think fun is a relative term. For pure high performance a Nacra would certainly be faster etc ... just as a Ferrari would ... for pure performance. But then you couldn't drive your ferrari on dirt roads or pothole roads, or speed bumps, and you can't take it shopping or camping or pull a trailer behind it.

I think having a portable inflatable boat will give you more time on the water and increase your overall enjoyment ... sure the Nacra may be a little more thrilling for the one or two sessions you can find crew etc ... but all the hassles and cost of owning, transporting and stowing a rigid boat means you sail much much less.

Before getting into inflatables there were so many times going camping trips etc or travelling that I wished I had a sailboat on hand. How many days were too windy to kayak ro SUP or swim ... or sailing under a beautoful sunset with a great partner... i hated missing all those opportunities much more than i ever enjoyed the few moments i enjoyed on a high end Cat.

So fun being a relative thing i like being able to sail anywhere ... don't get me wrong i love having those thrill rides on a high performance cat but for those I prefer doing a quick day session on a friend's boat and prefer owning a boat I can sail pretty much anywhere and any time.

The last thing is ease of sailing, safety and cost of ownership. Those other boats need alot of skills and in some cases extreme athleticism and physical prowess ... a boat like a mincat is fun for experienced sailors but very good for less experienced or less physically gifted sailors ... even for kids or seniors... because its so light and easy to maneuver and right etc... not to mention that owning a rigid boat has a higher cost of ownership to store, maintain etc... For me the more i thought about it and rationalized it the more I came to inflatables. I love living in a Condo and having a sailboat in my Den. When I get into the elevator people are always blown away when i tell them its a sailboat in a bag!

Im really hoping MinCAT comes out with a sailing foil in the future!