Ok - the rudder on my F-27 has seen better days (all long before I bought the boat). It suffers from a variety of maladies, and I'm kicking around the decision process of repair versus replace. I've gotten a quick estimate from CCI (Phil's Foils), for a stock rudder about $2400.00 delivered. I haven't gotten an estimate from Corsair yet, but I also had the thought to post the overall question here - what options might I have in replacing the rudder? I don't care about OD racing, and wouldn't mind having a cassette type set up instead of the swing back if I'm going to have to spend that much for stock anyway. Farrier's site has a couple of different designs, but it's unclear what might work (haven't contacted him yet either). Any experiences, from mild to wild from cheap to not so much that anybody wants to share?

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