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Marstrøm and good price in the same sentence.. laugh

We have three used Tornado alu masts in storage already which cost next to nothing. Thanks for the tip though!

Big part of costs is shipping, I got fairly decent price about ferry to Stockholm, so I picked the carbon mast myself from Västervik. All in all total price was less than what I payed from fully fitted superwing. The T mast chopped to 8.5 m was about 13.7 kg's while superwing was 21.8 kg's, so the clear winner is carbon (no righting aids needed ;)). It would be interesting to know what the chopped down fitted alu T-mast weights... Please note that price was low because that mast has been floating around their workshop (it didn't measure into T-rule), also currency exchange rate favored me a bit.

Only drawback is that my Blade is not F16 class legal anymore, the mast foot is about 1 cm's too high (7.5 cm allowed from beam to mast, my mast sits at 8.5 cm from beam). I could of course make new mast foot fairly easy if I would participate to a F16 event, but I probably would try to change the rule first (I'm not member though, so I don't have that option). Anyway I don't think that there is going to be any F16 class action happening near me next summer, so I probably wont bother.

Valtteri Blade F16