This was on the e-news "Scuttlebutt" today, F.Y.I.:

The Australian Catamaran Challenge team has arrived in Bristol, Rhode
Island with their innovative C Class Catamaran 'Ronstan' to race against
previous Little America's Cup winner Steve Clark's 'Cogito' and the British
Invictus syndicate, backed by the resources of Airbus.

The C Class catamaran is at the absolute cutting edge of sailing
technology, said Damien Smith, the head of the Australian syndicate's
design team. The advanced wing sails, similar to an aeroplane wing, used on
these boats could be the vanguard of a return to wind powered commercial
vessels, continued Smith.

For syndicate coordinator Ian Jenkins to finally have the team's boat
arrive, after some minor shipping delays, is the realisation of a long held
dream. Jenkins has likened the complexity and difficulty of the project to
putting a man on the moon, There are just so many little elements of the
project that could go wrong and spell disaster.

The regatta, affectionately known, as 'The Little America's Cup' will be
sailed in Rhode Island from 15-26 September to decide which is the fastest
boat on the planet. - Boating Online, full report,

The Australian team suffered a terrible blow Sunday after their boat
'Ronstan' suffered damage when their wing sail broke during trials. After
preparations in the light winds of the morning the crew set about sailing
'Ronstan' and getting familiar with RI waters. At this point they suffered
a minor breakage and returned to shore for a quick repair. They went out
again in mid afternoon along with the US boat 'Cogito'. However a twist
mechanism failure caused significant damage to the wing and they limped
ashore. The Australian team are now trying to carry out repairs. - Yachting
Universe, full report,