If it seems like you have suddenly started receiving emails from the Catsailor Forums please understand what is going on and don't report these as spam.

Please post here and let me know if you get notifications in your inbox that were previously going to spam. That would be a good thing.

Nobody has added you to any new lists or notifications.

You have been receiving them all along, but they were going to your spam folder or being dropped by your ISP. I have been doing ongoing improvements to secure the email sent out by Catsailor.com and meet the requirements by major mail providers like AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail etc to keep the members requested forum notifications and things like password change requests out of the spam folders.

If you don't want to receive notifications for a forum or topic, go to My Stuff
and use the Follow Lists section on the left to unfollow Forums, Topics, or Users.

Last edited by Damon Linkous; 04/10/17 12:41 PM.