This race not only doesn't have an NOR, protests are not allowed...

This is the usual way of things. Please be advised that this notice is in NO WAY official, as the Commodore of the CCC is neither a member of nor on the board of OSYC.

So here's a sked for ya, if all goes as usual. OSYC reserves the right to diverge from this sked:

Get to OSYC on Friday. Set up your boat, b.s'ing with people all the while. Set up your tent or register at the hotel you're staying at. Hang out all Friday evening either at OSYC or at some local bar (some people do digress...)

Saturday morning, likely around 8ish, someone will arrive with breakfast foods and drinks. Registration will commence then. Please do the RC a favor and know your sail number and Portsmouth number. Entry fee is probably somewhere between 50-60 bux (that may change too).

Depending on weather, somewhere around 10-11 am on Sat, the first start will commence sending the slower rated boats to East Ship Island. Some 30 minutes later, the second start will commence sending the faster half of the fleet off to E. Ship.

When you get to East Ship, some 12ish miles away, you'll be finished either a bit offshore between a mark and a boat or between something on the island and a mark. It's a barrier island and the sand shifts, so this is definitely gonna vary. There will be food, drinks, etc. there at the island. While waiting for everyone to finish, you'll b.s. with folks out there, relax in the water, eat, drink, explore a bit.

Prolly around 2-3 pm, dependent on weather and the speed of the finishers, there will be a single start back to OSYC going on the same path you took out to the island.

Sat. night is hangout and party at OSYC or local restaurants/bars, more of the same.

Sunday am, around 9-10, there'll be a single start for the race round Deer Island which is just offshore. People will prolly all be finished around 1-2 pm and around 3 or so there will be awards.

People are welcome to hang at OSYC on Sunday night, doing some fun sailing and hanging out and leaving at leisure on Monday.

Just come on down and enjoy yourself. It will be fun.