From today's Scuttlebutt news letter:

August 31 2008 -- The uncertainty of the next America's Cup, locked as it is
in the New York courts, took another twist last week with the launch of
Larry Ellison's American challenger, and the enormity of the problem brought
into sharp focus when a 100-foot long trimaran hit the waters off Anacortes
in Washington State. This gigantic three-hulled vessel has a 158ft mast.
Nothing like this has ever been seen before and its proportions would
indicate that Ellison's BMW Oracle Racing team has covered all possible
bases. The entire structure was completed in a specially built complex in
order to control the temperature and humidity within fine limits.

The trimaran was launched by Melinda Erkelens, appropriately the legal
advisor of the Golden Gate Yacht Club through which Ellison's challenge was
lodged, on 22 August, 157 years, exactly, after the original race around the
Isle of Wight that began this competition. It marked the culmination of nine
months' work by the 30-strong design team and a vast number of builders,
involving a total of 80,000 man hours.

Construction is principally in aerospace-quality carbon fibre, chosen for
its high strength and lightness, and uses other materials more usually
associated with this high-tech industry. Nothing has been left to chance in
the design and construction of this boat and the sailing team is anxious to
begin sailing trials. The 500 square-metre mainsail - more than twice the
size of the ones used by the boats in the Cup races last year in Valencia -
was due to be put aboard yesterday and hoisted for the first time today. It
will be complemented by headsails of up to 350 square metres and asymmetric
spinnakers of up to 700 square metres - a total downwind sail area of almost
two football pitches. -- Bob Fisher The Observer, full story:

Anyone got pictures or video of this thing sailing? <img src="" alt="" />

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