Happy Holidays!

Iíve had some interest in my project that is good! My shoulder is doing better still hurts but I deal with it. The doc will not let me sail yet, someday.

Still fairing out the starboard half of the hull but getting there. I got a new account for discount parts so that will help. The first of the year Iím going LLC and changing the name to TMS Composites, a bit more professional but Iíll still be the ďThe Man ShedĒ and just alias the new name. So both names should hit the website and the website will start to change after the first of the year.

Iíll post of few pictures. Right now Iíve got the hull upside down. I hope that is not bad karma and spilling out the mojo. I found it easier to long board the bottom of the hull with it upside down. Iím going to get it close then when the port side is done match them up. The mold is flipped and Iíve done some faring on the mold so the next side should take less bog. Iím concerned about the weight Iíve added but it is not enough to worry about. I need to get it as fair as I can to make a mold off of it (if I have to). Iíd still rather do the CNC plug but have not found any takers yet. Iíve secured several sheets of Divinycell foam but Iím one sheet short right now. Seems to be a shortage of foam and the plant is closed until after the first of the year. Iím going to glue the strips with Gorilla Glue it is suppose to sand easier according to the ďFarrier BoysĒ.

I spoke to Kurt Hughes about Carbon connecting beams so I have a plan for the building the beams. Iím going to make a mold for the beams off of the mast section I have that should be a fun project. Iíve also decided to make a mold for the AMAís so Iíll make one plug and not have to worry about the weight. Hind site is always 20/20. Iím looking forward to 2010 and hope to launch the TMS-20 in the New Year.

Best Wishes!

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Stations flipped, fared, and sealed
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