Hi Nacrajon
I tried to post a picture of the system, I couldn't.
I'll try to explain it.
Picture the underside of the tramp
Run a rope from the front corners of the front beam to about 18 inches from the rear beam.(put a stainless ring on the rope)There maybe saddles there on the front beam
Tie a piece of shockcord around the front beam (at stricker pole)run it through to the rear beam (you can either use a pulley or through the eyelets on the rear beam)
You then tie the shock cord back to the stainless ring on the rope
Then just tension the shockcord, So that the rope is under the tramp
When you capsize grab the rope at the front beam the shockcord will stretch and your system will work like the nacra one
I wouldn't recommend standing on the centre boards.
Just stand on the hull at the front beam, ENSURE the bows are facing head to wind and up it'll come
I hope this has helped