I will try the first method but as I have a brand new front beam I donít want to drill any more holes in it.

I was thinking 4mm dyneema with a spliced loop over the beams outboard of the dolphin striker bolts. Spliced at the part your hand would go to 10mm rope through pulley at rear then the opposite the other side.

About looking for a Taipan, when I said I was interested in one I got 8 approaches and in my 2600km trip last weekend I saw 5 of them. Where you get the best bang for your buck currently in the market seems to be about the mid teens where you can pick up a tidy 200+ boat with big head main Ė unfortunately my budget didnít quite reach that far.

So I bought 51, all the boats under $10K needed parts replaced before they were up to speed so you had to factor this in. 51 needs new rudder stocks and a bit of fairing work on the rudders amongst other stuff. I rang up AHPC and was pleasantly surprised at the price of new stocks ($100 for a pair, square section alloy, parts unassembled).

I havenít sailed it in over 4kts of breeze yet (BTW I didn't capsize), Monday night I blew my back and have been bedridden since (hence the forums), will be 2-4 weeks before I can use it in anger.

I got my PFD back from Eden; great regatta canít wait until I can sail there again and hopefully clean up some Mozzies.

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