Sailing H16 since 19992 for 95% solo I can only speak for this cat. Given remarks make sence for sure:

no way to sail without the jib because of the battens and because it is almost impossible to sail H16 with main sail only.
with enough wind righting is not a problem. too less wind? I use a modified shopping bag which can contain approx 40 liters of water sufficient to do the trick - even with no wind at all
H16 has much sail area which can not really be trimmed like modern sails/cats can. Sailing alone makes the most fun when "on the edge" thus having always 2 hands short..Nose diving is always a risk on a 16
few advantages: H16 are almost indestructable - you can still sail (6-7 Bft- waves !!!) ) when most (if not all) other cats leave the water for which however you need a good crew and shallow waters / beach landings are no problem

And whatever you choose it's the fun that counts !

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Happy sailing from The Netherlands!


Hobie 16 (1992) # 99173 & CT11 - with spi