I had a 2004 Nacra F18 for 3 years.

For what you're looking for it fits the bill well. As F18 platforms go it's my least favorite. It's a good flat water boat which means it suffers in the chop compared to the other platforms. It's also is a little skinny in the bow and this becomes annoyingly apparent downwind in a breeze. With this rig you MUST trap out downwind when the breeze is on, you can't be lazy or timid, it's a much better ride when someone is trapped out off the back. The boat is not very stupid friendly so you'll need to learn how to drive downwind in short order.

So for the most part you'll be in it upwind and will have to work a bit harder than the rest downwind.

Good luck, and we hope to see on the water soon.

David Ingram
F18 USA 242

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