I spoke with Uwe (last name i cant spell or pronounce) at DP head office in germany, he tells me clearly that its not a stock item and must be ordered in 1000m lots. I know that i can scam some from my mate Jay at DP Sydney, but thats because he has some there from a special order for AHPC. However, I will need to get it delivered to the loft and hence the cost will be massive compared to sourcing it locally. All this is again:- outside the stated objective of widely available.

It has been removed from the 2013 brochure, its not a stock item anymore.

perhaps we should look at the reasons why the cloth manufactures are stopping production of this type of cloth!

Maybe we as a class need to realise that the sail cloth industry is moving forward and we are going backwards... Does anyone here want to sail their F18 with Dacron sails? If some people had their way then we would be going that way...