I'm not predicting doom and gloom for the class. I know if I was buying a new boat and a full carbon F16 was a possibility I might very well take it. By the same token, you cannot argue that a minimum weight carbon masted, carbon hulled F16 isn't going to be faster than a vinylester boat; maybe not when both are brand new but give each a year of hard sailing and I know what I would pick. The main reason I'm not on a F16 right now is the F18 is a better distance race platform, there is much more competition globally, and I already whack my helm in the face with my elbows on the F18 tramp, I know I'd be sent swimming for shore on the F16.

I also agree some of the rules in the F18 class are a bit excessive. For example, I think epoxy should be a valid material, and the sails should have open materials; both of these add very little cost, if any, to the build of a boat and increase the longevity of hulls and sails. However, calling the boat out of date is a very huge stretch; all your F16 sail and hull shape developments have been a trickle down of the design efforts placed on the F18's.

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