Striker less F16's are pretty old hand when you consider the first Stealths back in 2001 had no striker but a Dart 18 extruded beam, it was only when they went to 2.5 m wide did they go the conventional route. Having owned both there was no real difference in the way the boats felt.

From real life experience there is not much difference between glass and carbon at the min weight we have to weigh in it. Yes carbon may feel different but with good manufacturing techniques and small key strengthening areas in carbon, will be almost as good, that after all is why the weight is set at 107kgs.

This weight / carbon thingies has been debated ad nauseom over the years but the heaviest weight all glass boat using F18 beams and ancillaries made by a certain Aus manufacturer seems to still win the F16 worlds year on year. One could say that the best most trained sailors will always win.