I often find some real treasures on the various auction sites we all cruise through be it daily or occasionally.
At times many of these gems don't get sold due to a wrong or bad listing details, sadly poople just aint speilln proper nah moor or dey aint reedin n tikin da detales proopere

so I figured a thread listing some of the bits we find for sale may well help others in their hunt for boats /parts etc, it may also steer the unsuspecting away from a bad deal if someone else has some knowledge they can add about the various listings.
It may also help with the Mosquito registery as unknown boats pop up (1182 is a classic example of this)
The down side is you might be the only other person 'watching' and be thinking your about to grab a bargin, sorry if I spoiled your party but I've just helped another buyer and a mozzie sailer, so add some more coin to the bank wink

2 recent listings

Mosquito Catamaran Centreboards - boyer

I sent a message to them asking for more details... the reply:
The sail number is 1680
One of the main sails not in very good condition - But other is in very good condition and is the brand Goodall
The jib will need replacing not in very good condition
If you could please supply a email or mobile number happy to send more photos
Trailer- Believe is registered just can't find the sticker- But would end 3rd of January 2014
No sail box fitted or supplied

what have you found of late ?


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Yar, & this ere post be done without a sin'le drop o' rum passin' me lips

started with Impara Cadet #3 / Mosquito #245
& now Mosquitos #1182 & #1740