I had camped with 2 queen sized air mattress for years.
2 (stacked) is much better for several reasons.
1. you don't have to roll in and out of bed
2. WHEN one pops... you aren't sleeping in a flat pile of pvc
3. if you practice, you can "launch" your unexpected (sleeping) girlfriend for a little air time

But then I saw the light ....
imho Thermarest are 10000x more comfy
they: roll up, inflate with 20 puffs - no need for a battery or manual pump, weigh almost nothing and they don't give me that "flating" feeling i get from an air mattress

draw back - your on the floor (i fix that by putting my thermarest on a cot if i am camping for an extended time) & they are a bit pricey,

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Those blow up mattresses will ruin you. I refuse to camp anymore unless we bring it. I guess I'm getting too soft and/or too old. My days of sleeping on the ground are over.