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Hope you're adding chicken lines to both sides of the boat.

While you might be stuck on one tack for the majority of the time, it only takes washing off the port side once to ruin your day.

That's a good point, probably will.

Watch that cleat on that deck fitting...that deck fitting can rotate and should be oriented so it pivots the chainplate in-line with the mast (pivots toward and away from the mast). The cleat might make it rotate to an odd angle releasing the line or rotating the fitting to where it may get pulled out of alignment and get a breaking stress on it (per the other recent thread).

Instead of the cleat, we splice a short (6") continuous loop of amsteel around the same strap that holds the main spinnaker block to the deck. The bitter ends of our spin sheet goes through the block at the clew of the kite but end with a plastic stopper ball. To go 2:1, you grab the stopper ball and drop it into the amsteel loop where it will stay easily and be perfectly aligned.

I suppose the cleat on the chainplate would be nice to put the spin sheet in and make your skipper drive to the kite (they really like doing that). ;-)

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