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Jake, I know you've had/have one, but on my Infusion those tangs are angled and firmly set in the hull- but I'll keep that in mind.

I've used the cleat like that on previous boats with out issue. The cleat is ONLY on the Port side, and only used when on Starboard with the kite up.
BTW- I'm the skipper on this ride

Had cleats just like that on my 20, but ran the screws long ways through the adjuster (with washers on the other side) instead of through the holes.I used them on both sides , leeward for 2:1 and windward for a brief rest (cleat the sheet) for the crew. Worked like a champ for thousands of miles.

Sounds like a great set up.
For now, I'm just sticking with the one on starboard side, but I will keep that in mind.
Thanks for advising

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