I know this is a Cat Sailing site, and yes, I sail catamarans.
(although some of those that know me would debate that I 'sail')

But, I'm up here at a family camp in the NOrthwoods of WI.
Locals call it 'up North'. For years after I moved up here, I always thought it odd since I had always thought anywhere in WI. was
'up North' if ya know what I mean.

Anyways, this camp has 6 Sunfish- ready to hoist and go, moored in the lake- Moon Lake. Pristinely clean lake, over 10ft visibility, about a mile accross, and 30ft deep in the middle.
I've been sailing these Sunfish- tried them all now.
With the shifts and gusts here in this small lake surrounded by tall trees/pines- it's challenging.
But- it's sailing!! Even if it is a SunFish.

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