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I was going to donate a bottle of rum to the Snark 18 America's here in October, but you insult us Hobie 16 sailors, so I will save it for the Hobie 16 Fleet at the Charlotte Harbor Regatta.

I am sure that I have gotten way more action on a Hobie 16 than PeeWee ever got in the back row of moving picture show.

A broad reach 1-3 miles offshore with 3-5 breeze.

She snuggles up and we're a mast raisin!

Fair enough and I have no doubt you have. The comment was actually in defense of the Sunfish and the H16 was chosen because according to Jeff's signature he sails a Hobie 16. I knew the comment would create some colateral damage but I assumed most would pick up the irony that a sailor of a frequently milinged boat was looking down his nose at another fleet.

I still don't get poo pooing another fleet because I have yet to race on a boat where you are not challenged, monohull, multihull, 4ksb or whatever.

If you're still put out Jack I'll buy you a rummy and we can discuss it further at the bar.

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