Before I get off in the weeds too much about this (it was brought up in the F18 America's thread), are you folks even interested in allowing smaller (22' - 28') trimarans to sail the Steeplechase? I'm not sure how many in that community would be interested, but I know there are more than a handful in the SW and S. Florida area.

If so, other questions include:
- trailer launching/retrieval... Is it possible at Islander (is the ramp sufficient)? I think the ramp would need about 2-3 feet of water depth at a reasonable slope to get the boats on/off the trailer. And good grip for the tow vehicle tires

- dockage. Looks pretty shallow along that fishing pier/dock at Islander. The tris draw about 18" with all up but if the seas/wind are up from the east it could be difficult to tie up. Are there any moorings afixed in the water? I see a very small basin next door at the Carribean(?) to the south which could fit a few folded tris in a pinch.

- trailer storage. Where did ya'll park your trailers?

- UKSC seems like an awesome place to tie/raft up overnight on Saturday. The tris are 18+ feet wide, but used to rafting up (especially if there is a floating dock somewhere), or could even be folded up (to 8'6" width) to fit in ordinary boat slips.

- Angelfish creek could be hazardous. Would organizers be willing to allow outboard motor use only to cross safely (not improve position, etc)?

Other thoughts or considerations?