Last week I was sailing at sea in strong conditions: 25 kts and in a swell which angle was shifted about 45 degrees.
So tricky and awkward sailing.
I always use a leash-line from my cat to my trapezeharness. I sail solo 12 months a year and my biggest nightmare is to lose my boat.

So sailing back to the beach, there was this inevitable freaky wave which hit me hanging out on the wire and made my feet losing the side.
The shackle at the end of the tetherline, which was connected to a ring on my harness, clipped itself by a rare chance to the shroud.

So, I was hanging on the wire, legs over-board over the hullside and fixed by a shackle on the sidestay. Mainsheet was still on, so still sailing with full main and waves on the beam!

Now my question is: what can I change in order to prevent this happening again????????

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RAIDER-15 (homebuilt)

hey boy, what did you do over there, alone far out at sea?..
"huh....., that's the only place where I'm happy, sir.