I've pondered a lot about this subject since I started this thread. The possible suggested solutions I have all looked at.

Strangely enough my analysis is now, that what happened to me (trapped with my shackle clipped to the shroud), wasn't so bad afterall.
I mean, without that, I was maybe swept completely from my cat by this wave.

Okay, I ended up now in an awkward trapped situation. But as I remember it: by swinging by overboard-legs again on the tramp, I created a situation for unclipping.
The shroud acted infact as the pivot axis in this movement.

It wasn't fun and at that moment it scared the hell out of me. But it saved me also from being dragged behind my cat.

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hey boy, what did you do over there, alone far out at sea?..
"huh....., that's the only place where I'm happy, sir.