In the Dutch newspapers there is a lot of attention to this floods in Texas and Houston. I explained before that there is a planelogical simularity with the situation ih Holland.
Hence this interest and solidarity of the Dutch people ( and hence my posts).

The Texas Tribune published last week that more then 8500 buildings are build in the floodline of the damaged area. Mind you, this line indicates already 100 years the region where you don't want to be if the water comes.
Ironically the house prices appear to be much lower overthere and the people who live there, seem to have financial not much other choice.
It is quite a blame for the government that they subsidize these flood-assurances for the people in the vulnarable ares.
Such an assurance in the floodline of Harris County seems to be dirt cheap and at first sight less risky. Logical this all trapped the people.

But, properly, such a floodassurance ought to be more expensive (the risk increases). Which will make, as a positive result, living there less attractive.

When the water will sink in this weeks, the distress of broken houses, cars and drowned people will be shown.

I (we) hope that this will not be to bad. Anyway, these subsidizing will be hard to defend in the future...........

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