I agree Mike. The forecast maps are great in one sense to get an idea of what might happen, but just because I'm not on the purple line of death doesn't mean I'm in the clear. A spawned F-2 tornado can wreck my house and leave the neighbor fine...

Charlie took a nasty right-hand turn and instead of leveling Tampa it ripped the roof off of about every house in Port Charlotte 75 miles further south. Caught a lot of people off-guard

I'm still hopeful this thing makes a further eastward curve and misses the east coast of FL, GA and NC but relying on hope is a poor strategy to prepare.

I can't talk my father-in-law into evacuating. He's right on the purple line of death right now.

Off to figure out how to secure the boat / trailer in case we do get 60+ knots of wind. Unfortunately, the storage yard doesn't have tie-downs. Chocking the wheels is about the only thing I think I can do... unless ya'll have other suggestions? Boat/trailer combined weight is about 2500#, but the Corsair F-24 has a lot of windage