Yes, mast is down as I usually travel with it, so it's ready to hook up and go.

Lot is paved, so I can't screw down anything frown

But I tied some wheel chocks on both sides of the tires, and dropped the tongue on the ground in the hopes that this will keep it from sailing around on the trailer. Being as light as it is (for the windage), it has rolled around once in a microburst thunderstorm.

I suspect my main concern is all the crap that will likely fly around and hit it. Couple of metal u-store-it buildings close by. Might block the wind (good), but could peel the roof off (bad) and sling those metal panels over the boat.

really sucks the tow vehicle is in the shop or else I'd probably move it somewhere... Not that being anywhere else around here is any safer, but hooked up to a truck might help?