Going to look at the Mosquito "TOP" at the ANU Sailing Club, Canberra, tomorrow (Tues 18/9/18) with a view to buying it.
This: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-view-details.html?adId=1191791732
Does anyone know this boat? Can you tell me its history?
Looking at the photos, it's likely I'll be seeking a 2nd-hand mainsail, preferably a modern mylar one in average condition. Does anyone have one they might sell?
Down the track I'll be interested in fitting a kite. Is the size shared with any other class, to look for a 2nd hand one? Is there a rigging guide for the kite?

FYI, some of you will remember me, from racing you on my Paper Tiger "Tigerdelic". I switched to NS14 / MG14 a couple of years ago, for closer racing with the Wallagoot fleet, and to provide a club junior a good crew spot. I sold hte PT because it wasn't getting used, and a junior up in Sydney was desperate for one. Now my crew has his own scow Moth, so am looking for a good single-handed boat. There will be one or two other Mosquitos at my club; don't know their sail numbers yet. All 3 of our boats will be old ply ones, bought cheap.

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