Top 14 Reasons to Sail the New England 100 Aug 18-19
<br>14. You are getting dizzy sailing around in circles
<br>13.Need an excuse to buy a new spinnaker
<br>12.Finally learn how to use those shiny new electronics you hid in your hulls for the statue race.
<br>11.Only in New England can you sail through 4 states in 2 days
<br>10. Finally make your girlfriend drive with the boat trailer
<br>9. You have cool new maps to hang on your wall afterwards
<br>8. Seabreeze Baby, Seabreeze
<br>7. There is no reason number 7
<br>6. The G. Norton limited edition tour of the swanky Strip Clubs of New England
<br>5. You are running low on T-shirts
<br>4. Live Band and free beer, Best Steak dinner this side of Kansas
<br>3. 250 $ Cash Prizes to the winner of each Portsmouth division
<br>2. Life is too short to sail around the buoys
<br>And the number one reason to sail the New England 100 is:
<br>1. You think you can Win.