i have just bourght a windrush 14 with the intention of putting as big a sale on it as possible

i am working on the principal that if a hobie 14 can have a formula 14 rig, with very little bow boancy, no t-foils, then a 14 footer with these could take a bigger sail, the limitations to me seam to boil down to how big a main sail you can have without the boat wanting to spin round backwards, i realise you could have a bigger sail than the formula 14 or the nacra 14 square if you have a mast head jib (or at least flying of the top of the present mast) 23'6 before i extend it, obviously if you have a taller narrower main you can have more sail, but maybe a bit more of a stubby one might be sensible for pitching moments, so say you have a 50'square or 4.7m squ jib how big could your main be? are there any drawings of rigs such as this? on monos or cats? i would luv to see some